What is... Lilama?



LILAMA is named after one of my paintings "childhood memories" which has lilac llamas.

Once llamas had only a bright green or a magic lilac color, until I saw them in real life. The llamas in the blue stream are in the thoughts of the little girl.

Do you see the reflection in the water? It is the face of an old woman with grey hair tied into a knot. This represents the feelings of the litte girl after the desillusion. Llamas aren't made in joyfull colors, but are grey and brown just like most animals.

Can you remember the moment your childhood's magic started to wear off?

Keep it alive and fill your house with joyfull colors. Let the sun shine through the glass creations of LILAMA which create colorfull shapes on your walls and your floor. There are already enough greys and browns in this world.


"It is your mind that creates this world."
- Siddhartha Gautama Buddha -


this is one of Barbara's green toy llamas


PS The stained glass section, amongst others, has been disabled on lilama.nl.